Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mustard Green

Last night French Fries and I had a date night. We've been wanting to do that for a while but kept putting it off -- likewise with the restaurant we picked: Mustard Greens. We love going there but the last time had probably been a year ago.

The menu is very simple and sophisticated. It's the a very healthy kind of Chinese menu (wouldn't know where from exactly), with a constant theme of garlic throughout, which is an easy win in Farofa and French Fries territory.

Tea pots at Mustard Greens

We started out with a nice and cold Tsingtao, which we love, and a pot of their standard oolong tea, which is delicious. I wish they sold it -- they probably do at their sister shop across the street, which sells teapots (haven't been there yet as we usually arrive around 7pm when they are already closed).

TsingTao at Mustard Greens

We generally wait for the specials to order and I always order the special; yesterday was no exception -- not only that, but my favorite dish in the menu was it: Scallops. Made in a clear garlic broth with black beans, it's served with toasted green onions, sweet peas and baby corn.

Scalops at Mustard Greens

French Fries ordered the Chinese Brocolli special, which is a beautiful green that's hard to describe (and unfortunately doesn't come out as nicely on my cellphone camera).

Chinese Brocolli at Mustard Greens

We also ordered the house staple, Mustard Greens, which were really crunchy and delicious. The whole meal was a perfect combination of dishes that blended well together and yet had a distinctive taste about them. It made French Fries happy - which is the ultimate goal of Date Night:

Amelia at Mustard Greens

Farofa: ***** out of 5
French Fries: **** out of 5

Forks Down Verdict: Flavorful, affordable, comfortable, enjoyable -- adjectives are quickly too numerous for such a delicious minimalistic eatery: just go and enjoy.

Mustard Green
622 S 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 627-0833

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