Thursday, December 14, 2006

Memories of Food Past

French Fries is on the interview trail for residency programs in Emergency Medicine and the food she has been eating has been pretty uniformly grim. At the pre-interview dinners with the residents it is usually great company but greasy undercooked bar grub to accompany it. At the interview day itself they do their best to keep the interviewee blood sugar up through the grueling process but sticky neon danishes and steam tray lunches of questionable provenance do not a gastronomic adventure make. With that and with the many Xmas shows on television referencing Ghosts of Christmas past, FrenchFries raided both her and Farofa's photo collections for some memorable meals of the past year.

New Year's 05: Sushi From Philly's Maki House and a HUGE fruity/cheesy salad with pear, Gorgonzola, dried cranberry and grapes

Valentine's Day: A giant box of Godiva Truffles with awesome flavors like candied apple, peanut butter & jelly, passion fruit and Mexican Hot Chocolate ("a little picante" remembers Farofa fondly).

Summertime Visit to Philly Faves
: Off to Valanni for Brunch ("Steak n' Eggs" and a flatbread with spicy hummus) and La Creperie for Linner - meals at odd times to coincide with endless sunshine hours.

French Fries' Birthday: To a Pittsburgh's home of tapas at Ibiza where Farofa gorged on Osso Buco with Lentils but made the meat-fest up to French Fries with a home-cooked meal a few days later.

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Kimi said...

Coming Soon a Brazilian clone of farofa and french fries by Kimi!
I loved your idea, guys! The blog is AMAZING!